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Dubai Genius School

The Dubai Genius School is dedicated to helping students achieve their career goals and realize their dreams by providing a strong educational foundation. We are very proud of our students, our graduates and our faculty. Together they represent our current and future commitment to caring for the health of a growing and changing society.

  • Experienced, Qualified & Efficient Adequate Teaching Faculty
  • Creating English Atmosphere
  • Education with Modern Technology
  • Personal & Intensive Care On Slow Learners
  • Free Medical Checkup Facility For Students
  • Developing LSRW Skills From Early Stage
  • Computer Lab & Science Lab Available
  • Providing Handful Of Knowledgeable Books In Library
  • Providing Classrooms with Colourful 3D Themes
  • Mind Room With Projector & LED TVs
  • Best Education with Affordable Fees
  • Conducting Various Competitions to inculcate
  • In Children a ‚ÄúSeeking Spirit
  • Picnic & Educational Excursions
  • Hi-Tech School Building With Lift & CCTV Cameras
  • Protected Mineral Water Facility

Application forms will be issued by the school office for classes where seats are available, on payment of the prescribed fee.

There is no Donation fee and Hidden Fee in our school

We offered free 1 admission when you admissioned 2 or more students.

We Conduct

Parent - Teacher Meet

Parent - Teacher meeting at Dubai Genius School has helped the parents to know about their child progress how he or she is performing in school even when they are statying at home, and at the same time has helped the teacher to understand the children and find ways to help them improve in case the children are lacking in any department.

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